Covenant House - Helping homeless kids escape the streets. | Sleep Out America | November 16th, 2018

Our Impact

The number of people experiencing homelessness in America has increased for the last two years and continues to grow.

This year, 4.2 million young people will find themselves without a safe, stable place to sleep. They may be escaping years of physical abuse, a dangerous human trafficking network, a drug-addicted parent, or a house overflowing with rage. More than 5,000 of these kids will lose their lives to the streets.

Every one of these young people has a story, and every one has a dream. Covenant House provides housing and supportive services so that youth facing homelessness can transform their lives and get on a path to independence.


About Covenant House.

Covenant House was founded in 1972 with the simple, profound mission to shelter and care for kids facing homelessness.

Today, we are much more than a homeless shelter.  We believe every child deserves not only a safe place to sleep, but also hope for a brighter future.  That’s why the youth who walk through our doors are met with a full array of supportive services, from basic needs, like food and shelter, to long term support, like education, legal counseling, and job training.



Our outreach teams take to the streets every day to bring assistance to youth in need.  They’re there to provide warm blankets, clean clothing, sandwiches, and information about Covenant House.

Crisis Care and Intake

When kids walk through our doors, our first priority is addressing their immediate needs: warm meals, medical treatment, showers, and safe beds.

Our approach to Crisis Care also involves understanding the kids’ unique stories, meeting them where they are, and starting to build a foundation of trust.

Long-Term Support

Once their most urgent needs are met, we provide services to help young people achieve independence and take control of their futures, leading to stable, fulfilling lives. Some of our long-term supportive services include educational programs, job training, medical and legal aid, substance use counseling, and mental health care.


Sleep Out on November 22, 2019, and help Covenant House help more kids. Join us today.