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  • There’s strength in numbers and Sleep Out America is a movement that needs your help to grow. We’re counting on every participant to get the word out about our mission and to spread the word amongst their community – whether that be neighbors, family, roommates, classmates, fellow club or organization members, colleagues, or more! Spread the word about Sleep Out America with these easy tips and tools:


    How to Invite Others to Join You

    To make the most of your Sleep Out America experience, complete this checklist:


    1. Go Online

    Have people in mind? Start an official Sleep Out America group when you register to receive a special webpage just for your group (if you’ve already registered, log into your account to change your group membership). You can share the link to this page and invite people to join or donate to your group directly.

    Are your friends far away? You don’t have to Sleep Out in the same place! Sleep Out is an international movement, and a group can be made up of folks from every corner of the country (or the world!).

    Not sure how to ask? Email, text, tweet, and post your Sleep Out invitations! If you need help finding the right words, you can copy and paste our examples.




    2. Use Posters to Spread the Word

    • Paper flyers are a great way to get the word out about Sleep Out America in your community. Print out one of our flyers and post it around town. Places could include:
      • Coffee shop bulletin boards
      • Local businesses (gyms! dry cleaners! grocery stores!)
      • Your office
      • Your neighborhood