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How Sleep Out America Helps

YOU give up a night, THEY get a night.

Every dollar you raise as a participant in Sleep Out America goes directly to Covenant House, an international non-profit that provides housing and supportive services to youth facing homelessness. By joining the Sleep Out, you’re paving the way for a young person in need to sleep in a warm, safe bed.

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Young people can find themselves homeless for lots of reasons, from financial issues to abusive home lives. Once on the streets, kids are easy targets for violence, human trafficking, and other dangerous and devastating situations. Covenant House actively reaches out to vulnerable youth and offers them another option: shelter and safety, love and respect, and the tools they need to build a stable and happy future.

You’ll start your Sleep Out experience with a donation of $35, which helps keep the lights on and doors open at Covenant House sites across the country. But that’s just the beginning.

An Opportunity to be a Kid

As you fundraise, you’ll help Covenant House continue their practice of meeting each young person at their level and providing them with the services that they need, whether it’s food, medical treatment, counseling, legal aid, job training, or just an opportunity to be a kid without needing to worry about basic necessities and safety.

Our Impact


Sleep Out on November 22, 2019, and help Covenant House help more kids. Join us today.

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