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    Fundraising for Sleep Out America is easy! Follow the steps below to get started.

    Remember, when you raise at least $100 you’ll earn our Sleep Out America beanie hat!


    Step 1: Customize your fundraising page.

    Your Sleep Out America fundraising page is ready to use as soon as you register. However, a personal fundraising page is more effective when it’s – you guessed it – personal! Add a photo and personal note to let people know immediately that the page is yours, and customize your URL so it’s easy to share.

    Here’s how:

    1. Log into your Participant Dashboard
    2. Choose “Your Page” from the black menu at the top of the screen.
    3. To add a photo, click the pencil icon over the photo avatar and follow the instructions to upload an image.
    4. To add a personal note, click the “My Story” tab under your name and photo, then click the pencil icon in the right corner. Update the sample content with a story about why you decided to Sleep Out, a greeting to your network, or a note of thanks with your name at the bottom.
    5. To customize your page’s URL, click the “Settings” tab (next to the “My Story” tab). Click the “Customize” link and add your name or initials in the field provided. Be sure to click the blue “Save Changes” button.
    6. If you’re a group captain, click the “Team Page” icon from the top menu and follow the same steps to customize your team’s page.

    Step 2: Make a list of people you want to tell about your Sleep Out.

    Start with the obvious – family and close friends. Then, look through the contacts in your phone, your Facebook friends, or LinkedIn connections to find neighbors, co-workers, and more. Challenge yourself to get your list to include at least 20 people. The more people you share your Sleep Out with, the easier it will be to reach your goal (and the more excited you’ll feel about the experience – we promise!).  Here are a few suggested ways to build your list from your contacts or address book:

    • Group 1: The circle of people closest to you in the world.
    • Group 2: Friends, family, and colleagues whom you see often and share common values.
    • Group 3: Others on your contact list whom you see less regularly, but may still like to hear from you (ex. a friend of your mom’s)

    You know your contacts best, so create the groups based on what makes sense to you.

    Step 3: Make the ask!

    Copy one of our sample messages into an email, social media post, and/or text message. Edit the message so it’s in your voice and relevant to your audience, then hit send!

    Remember, anytime you post on social media or email out a donation ask be sure to include the link to your personal page so people know exactly where to go.


    Step 4: Follow Up!

    Copy one of our sample messages for following-up or sharing statistics into an email, social media post, and/or text message. Everyone needs a reminder so don’t hesitate to follow-up to remind folks to follow through!