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A Second Chance

Katie first came to Covenant House to escape a life filled with violence. Her emotional scars were deep and prevented her from getting along with others. She was constantly fighting with the other kids, staff, and her case manager. After a month, she had to be discharged from the program.

At first, Katie turned to her sister for a place to stay, then a cousin, but neither situation worked out. All the while, Katie’s abusive boyfriend followed, trying to convince her to return to him.
Feeling defeated, Katie moved back in with her boyfriend and returned to school. But when he started hitting her again, she wasn’t able to keep up with her studies. She knew she had to break the cycle of violence, and she knew Covenant House could help her do it – if only she would be allowed back.

Our doors are always open for kids like Katie, who are desperate for a second chance, so our staff were ready. Katie still found the program challenging and had a difficult first month. Frustrated with the responsibilities and her slow progress, she considered leaving again, but her case manager encouraged her to keep trying and promised that it would get easier if she stuck it out.

The case manager was right. Katie made it through the first month and began to see some improvement. She found a job. She started GED preparation classes. She began to excel within the structure of Covenant House, consistently exceeding all of the goals set by her case manager.

After three months in crisis care, Katie moved into Rights of Passage, Covenant House’s transitional living program. She was maturing and developing a new focus and determination. Her priorities were clear – she wanted to get her GED and apply to college and is well on her way to accomplishing her goals.

Katie – A Second Chance